Apache's texture-mapped Super VGA graphics are crisp and amazingly detailed.

This graphically gorgeous simulation of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter probably has a broader appeal than any other game of its kind. Hard-core hardware nuts can crank up the realism and find out just how complex and sophisticated the Apache Is; but for garners who don't know an altimeter from an autopilot, it can be a rousing arcade-style shoot-'em-up. It's a perfect introduction to air combat simulations, but it won't disappoint sim veterans.


Who Needs Genesis?

Ecco the Dolphin is the best of the three Genesis titles Sega has announced for the PC, and a classic on any system.

Sega looks to the future and the PC! Remember when people said that PC gaming could never rival the home video game market? Well, it looks like the times are changing; now the console manufacturers are beginning to target the PC in a big way. Video game giant Sega is preparing to bring its extensive catalog of Genesis cartridge titles to the PC as Windows 3.1 and Windows 95-based games.

While it may sound a little like heresy to say we're excited about this move, we do think

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Older Generations Meets Younger Generations

I miss the good old days when I didn't have to worry about anything and just played video games and watched TV all day. School was ridiculously easy, and it was like I didn't have to try to do anything. Growing up sorta sucks. Today, parents like me are most of the time caught up at work the whole day in order to sustain their child’s need especially for a growing family. There are so many expenses that have to be prioritized and so many other things that out technology dictate that we should have.

As a parent, I notice the huge difference of raising a child now than what it used to be for

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Aero Gague Revisited

Speed. The key feature of any good racing game. But in the future speed really does mean fast. Just take a look at these pacy N64 racers to get an idea. On from that, there’s a first look at FX Chip specialists’ Argonaut’s new game and Ocean’s 1998 titles.

Although it by-passed America’s E3 show in favor of more stealthy tactics, Aero Gauge — Ascii’s first N64 game — was actually announced prior to the July show in Atlanta. However, this month the Japanese company released new information on their addition to the rapidly growing futuristic racing genre.

The game differs from its competitors,

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Chinese Chess

The Chinese Chess applet V0.5, that is developed based on alpha-beta algorithm, is a human-computer game to be played on-line. The source code of this applet is free for you to download with no need of registration.

The Chinese Chess applet V1.0 is an updated version of the Chinese Chess Applet V0.5. To download the source code of this applet, you need to register first.

The Human-Human Chinese Chess V1.0 is another game developed supporting multi-player to play the chess on-line. The source codes for both browser and server sides are available for you to download under a registration



If you want to pursuit eye-catching effect and thus enhance your web pages. The java applet, Billboard, is your choice. You can freely download this Billboard for your use in non-commercial or commercial purposes.

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