Aero Gague Revisited

Speed. The key feature of any good racing game. But in the future speed really does mean fast. Just take a look at these pacy N64 racers to get an idea. On from that, there’s a first look at FX Chip specialists’ Argonaut’s new game and Ocean’s 1998 titles.

Although it by-passed America’s E3 show in favor of more stealthy tactics, Aero Gauge — Ascii’s first N64 game — was actually announced prior to the July show in Atlanta. However, this month the Japanese company released new information on their addition to the rapidly growing futuristic racing genre.

The game differs from its competitors, at least at this stage, mainly in its choice of locations. Instead of extensive external futurescapes, much of Aero Gauge’s three courses are set inside tunnels. Still, the first course, Dug Rug, manages to include some fearsome corners and high-level hills; the second track, Sinowa Police 15124, is a brilliantly conceived neon-heavy Asian city; and, the final course, Earth Cream, is a multiple-pathed older settlement for experts only. So diversity really isn’t an issue.

There are five different Aero Machines for the player to slip into — Mitia, Fusaha, Zero Groove Rider, Gezpecs and Interceptor — and all are sponsored by real Japanese companies (and all have provided logos). There’ll also be three modes to race in. These, though, are the fairly standard Time Attack, Single Match and Grand Prix.

Currently there are no plans for a four-way split-screen head-to-head (although two players will be able to compete against each other) and neither an American or European release has been announced. Nevertheless, such a hugely promising title would surely not simply grace Japanese shores. Watch this cyber-space.

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