Softviewtech is a site providing java beans, java applets, as well as java source codes in the field of computer vision and image processing.

We mainly provide components (java beans) used for implementations of complicated and sophisticated algorithms in computer vision and image processing. These components respectively deal with edge detection, corner detection, pose estimation, motion estimation, image registration, and so on. They feature the properties of full portability and flexibility with customized parameters. Therefore, they can be suitable to be employed in various computer vision and image processing-related software.

Although we designed the components by considering their various applications as possible as we can, there still might be some particular requirements that they could not satisfy. In order to meet the needs of such cases, we also provide service for specific developments for our customers.

In addition to the components provided, we offer java applets that can generate various eye-catching effects to be used to enhance web pages. Moreover, we provide java applets of Chinese chess that can be examples for professional to develop board games and for students to study on the alpha-beta algorithm.

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