Older Generations Meets Younger Generations

I miss the good old days when I didn't have to worry about anything and just played video games and watched TV all day. School was ridiculously easy, and it was like I didn't have to try to do anything. Growing up sorta sucks. Today, parents like me are most of the time caught up at work the whole day in order to sustain their child’s need especially for a growing family. There are so many expenses that have to be prioritized and so many other things that out technology dictate that we should have.

As a parent, I notice the huge difference of raising a child now than what it used to be for our parents. We do not have much shopping mall to go to or fine dining restaurants to eat at. Family time are usually spent at home with the whole family and neighbors with home cooked meals or maybe go out and play at the park or sometimes go out of town to swim in the beach.

Nowadays, kids may be able to search for faraway places using the internet, they may be able to buy stuff just by going to different online shops and they can actually play with their friends just by sitting in front of the computer by server hosted games, chatting or video calling on their mobile devices.

Because of these, parents are now finding ways on how they can cope with their kids that are slowly depending on technology more than physical relationship. Parents who are busy at work can call their kids on their phones and even monitor them online by installing cameras at home when they are away.

Kids also spend a lot of time watching videos online, playing games and so much more. Some parents would even try to do the same not just because they find it entertaining as well but also because this is what their kids talk about most of the time and they need to have some knowledge about it too.

I remember searching for some online games one time that my kids usually play; I would usually get invites on my Facebook account from them asking to send them lives or what not. I did try to look up a free version of the Minecraft game although I usually end up landing on a paid gaming site. I don't know what I would do without relieving some stress by playing games to be honest. Mind-numbing fun is what I like to call it.

Technology is good as it makes our lives easier in so many instances although there might also be some disadvantages if we end up relying on them too much. As a parent, I try my best to balance work and family as much as I could and if possible spend my weekends with my children.

Time will come that our kids will be grown ups and would want to spend time mostly with friends or colleagues and there’s just nothing that we parents can do but to let them enjoy life. Be with them as much as you can, guide them and watch them to make them understand how life works, and for any mistake they make, let them know what they can learn from it.

I remember what my grandma used to say when I was still young, she told me love and understand my parents as much as I can since they only wanted the best for me, because if I don’t, the only time that I would realize it is by the time I get to start my own family as well. Bless her soul!