Chinese Chess

The Chinese Chess applet V0.5, that is developed based on alpha-beta algorithm, is a human-computer game to be played on-line. The source code of this applet is free for you to download with no need of registration.

The Chinese Chess applet V1.0 is an updated version of the Chinese Chess Applet V0.5. To download the source code of this applet, you need to register first.

The Human-Human Chinese Chess V1.0 is another game developed supporting multi-player to play the chess on-line. The source codes for both browser and server sides are available for you to download under a registration



If you want to pursuit eye-catching effect and thus enhance your web pages. The java applet, Billboard, is your choice. You can freely download this Billboard for your use in non-commercial or commercial purposes.

Our team want to express many thanks to work examiner company ( for donating our project. Work examiner offers employee tracking and web filtering solutions that are far from games but these guys are chess fans!:) Now we have an opportunity to develop new features and release new versions. We are open for any feedback and donations, thank you for being with us!