Who Needs Genesis?

Ecco the Dolphin is the best of the three Genesis titles Sega has announced for the PC, and a classic on any system.

Sega looks to the future and the PC! Remember when people said that PC gaming could never rival the home video game market? Well, it looks like the times are changing; now the console manufacturers are beginning to target the PC in a big way. Video game giant Sega is preparing to bring its extensive catalog of Genesis cartridge titles to the PC as Windows 3.1 and Windows 95-based games.

While it may sound a little like heresy to say we're excited about this move, we do think this influx of Sega titles can add a lot to the traditionally weak arcade side of PC gaming, and give us the chance to experience some of our favorite Genesis titles all over again.

Comix Zone is one of the Sega Genesis titles that will be hitting the PC shelves around Christmas.

Sega hasn't given out release dates for PC versions of some of their hot new titles like World Series Baseball ‘95, but they have announced that there will be at least three games - Ecco the Dolphin, Comix Zone, and Tomcat Alley, available on store shelves this Christmas.